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CP25AM Actros MP2/3


CP25AM is the new compressor cooling box for the original equipment installation in the Mercedes Actros MP2/3. It fits under the bunk in the sleeping compartment, inside the original drawer, thus leaving more space in the truck cab. The installation is easy and quick.

CP25AM Actros MP2/3

Contains: 25 liters
Temperature range: + 10 ° C to -0 ° C
Overall dimensions: H 219xB554xT451 mm
Weight: 12 kg
Power: 60 watts
Voltage: 12-24 V / DC
Cooling system SECOP: BD35F ventilated
Battery protection: yes
Lighting inside: yes
Mounting kit: yes

loading... CP25AM Actros MP2/3 CP25AM Actros MP2/3 CP25AM Actros MP2/3 CP25AM Actros MP2/3

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