Conditions of Use

General business-conditions

Sale and delivery-conditions of the company Frumento Kältetechnische product

Exclusively the following conditions are applicable to purchase-contracts with the company Frumento. Deviations are only effective if they were confirmed by us in writing.
They on our internet-sides of presented products and performances don't represent any offer binding us; they represent an invitation to the customers to present a binding offer to us.

Prices, shipping
The presented prices comprise the at the moment current value added tax from work as well as. Delivery-camps. The buyer carries the costs of the shipment, it then is she/it an appropriate relationship to the value of the delivery-object crosses.

During first-orders, the payment is COD performed as well as. per advance-cash register. In the remainder, the purchase-price-payment is due in the full scope with delivery. The buyer comes in delay without further explanation of the salesperson 10 days after the maturity-day as far as he/it didn't pay. In the case of the existence of lacks, a lien is not entitled the buyer as far as this is not in the appropriate proportion to the lacks and the expected costs of the after-fulfillment.

The buyer is indebted, fact and defects of title within 2 months after the time, in which he/it determined such a lack, to show the salesperson in writing. This regulation doesn't represent any exclusion-period for Mängelrechte of the buyer.
The salesperson has fact-lacks of the delivery, which he/it covers from third and delivers unchanged to the customer further, not to represent; the responsibility with resolution or negligence remains untouched according to standard of the number 5.

Liability of the salesperson
The liability of the salesperson for easily negligent duty-injuries is impossible, provided no contract-essential duties, damages from the injury of the life, the body or the health or guarantees involved or claims are touched according to the product-liability-law. Same for duty-injuries of our fulfillment-assistants is valid.

The delivered ware remains property of the salesperson until the fulfillment of all claims emerging him/it against the buyer from the relationship. The salesperson is with duty-injuries of the buyer, especially default, entitles one the buyer of placed appropriate period after unsuccessful course to the performance, to the resignation of the contract and to the out-desire of the delivery-object; the legal cases of the dispensability of the period remain untouched.

The buyer can charge only with such demands, that indisputably or final is determined.

Jurisdiction - existing law
Sole jurisdiction is if the buyer is merchant, with all from the contract-relationship itself yielding disputes, Ulm.
It is worth exclusively the right of the Federal Republic of Germany.


You/they can your contract-explanation without statement of reasons in text-form (Z) within 2 weeks.B. Letter, fax, enamel, or through return of the matter revokes. The period begins at the earliest with receipt of the ware. To the maintenance, the timely dispatch of the retraction or the matter suffices the retraction-period. The retraction is on to direct:

Kältetechnische products
Bertholdstr. 5
89079 Ulm

They are in the case of an effective retraction to be granted on both sides of received performances back. Be able to go back us completely or partially the received performance in made worse condition not or only grants, you must do if necessary us value-substitute insofar.


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