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top Medical Cool Box Back

Medical Cool Box Back

Item number: 04.3666.67

FM7 - Also available in the BACK version, where the compressor group is mounted on the back and can also be removed.

top Medical cool box

Medical cool box

Item number: 04.3555.99

FM7 TOP is a compressor refrigerator with temperature control for the storage and transport of medicines. The refrigerator is designed to reach and maintain a temperature of 4 ° C (+/- 1.5 ° C).
Further, another temperature may be set in a range between 2 ° C and 8 ° C.
If the set temperature fluctuates above +/- 1.5 ° C, two alarms are activated: a warning buzzer and a buzzer
Illuminated display (flashing red LED). Both alarms remain active until deliberately shut down by the hospital staff over the offenses described in the manual.
The cooling unit can be removed to allow maximum installation flexibility.

Highlight CP34AM Scania R

CP34AM Scania R

Item number: 80.5021.30

CP34AM is a capacious and stylish refrigerator with a fall-front door and an inner sliding drawer. It can be used in a very diverse range of cabs and easily placed under the sleeper. The fixing brackets are included in the package.

top CP25AM Actros MP2/3

CP25AM Actros MP2/3

Item number: 80.5021.06

CP25AM is the new compressor cooling box for the original equipment installation in the Mercedes Actros MP2/3. It fits under the bunk in the sleeping compartment, inside the original drawer, thus leaving more space in the truck cab. The installation is easy and quick.

Highlight CP 118 DK Steel

CP 118 DK Steel

Item number: 90.0118.15

With two separate cover and cold storage rooms that can be set independently with different cold temperatures, only cooling, freezing and cooling, or freezing.

Dual display temperature display, excellent thermal insulation,

LED light in each compartment, cover with mechanical shutter.

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